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clock Replica Cartier jewelry position for the date window Two mechanisms with the same

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blog details: Perfect for the Perak Carusu Tourbillon watch Caruso Tourbillon watch is Blanche in the Tourbillon watch the perfect masterpiece. It cast a tabulation process in the history of another excellent technological breakthrough. The following watch home to come to tell you about Caruso Tourbillon watch it! Perfect for the Perak Carusu Tourbillon watch This Caruso Tourbillon watch at 12 o'clock position and 6 o'clock position were equipped with flying tourbillon and flying card Russell, 3 o'clock Replica Cartier jewelry position for the date window. Two mechanisms with the same, rotating, in the watch blooming eye-catching style. By connecting two independent rotating frame differential gear system, the two speed control system will be the average difference after the difference, and ultimately show the speed of travel; external winding crown for the two barrels of the same time on the chain, so given Timepiece excellent precision and ample 7 day power reserve. Through the sapphire crystal table back, this unique charm of the unique mechanical mechanism and power storage instructions are clearly visible. As always, immortal, Blancpain Blancpain in this section of the movement of the watch also sought to nuanced. The front part of the movement to engraved engraving carefully engraved, the internal parts of the activities are clearly visible; vibrotic wave ornamental carving (flinqué) paint and table bridge pattern pavilions, to create a diffuse harmony of the United States; Some bevelled wheel rim-style gears echo each other. This kind of decorative elements of the uncompromising attention to give this paragraph when the profound beauty of the unique beauty of Shen Bo. This section of the precision time equipped with a new manual winding 2322 movement. Movement diameter 35.3 mm, 5.85 mm thick, selected 379 pieces made of parts, including two new silicon gossamer. Watch case design elegant slim, diameter of 44.60 mm, the thickness of only 11.94 mm, comfortable to wear, called the classic masterpiece. Dial low-key and without losing the sense of beauty, with a large fire enamel scale circle, 5N gold Roman figure jumped on it. Exquisite crocodile leather strap is equipped with soft and comfortable Alzavel lining, more with three fold, with perfect detail to ensure comfortable to wear, highlight the classic human style. Po platinum table and plot family which is more hedge against the table Po platinum table and Jaeger-LeCoultre table which is more hedge? Po platinum table and Jaeger-LeCoultre are well-known high-end watch brand, their products have a certain collection value. Then Po platinum table and Jaeger-LeCoultre table which is more hedge? The following watch home to tell you! Blancpain and Jaeger-LeCoultre are 1 line 1 class table, but both in the second-hand market circulation is not the most popular. In fact, watch or consumer goods, like the car, get on the discount. Must want to hedge the words would have to be limited, and the other 50 million do not talk about the value of the following, The two tables are different, to see the price may feel higher, but in fact the watchmaking technology, Jaeger-LeCoultre better. Jaeger-LeCoultre is the whole table 1000 hours factory test, far beyond the Observatory only test the movement of 365 hours, this point Blancpain is not. And Jaeger-LeCoultre mechanical creativity than Blancpain, so the complex function of the high-end table is certainly elective home. Two brands say that they are self-produced movement, but also outside the supply of other manufacturers of their own movement, but the movement strength plot slightly better, the impact of the table altar more far-reaching. Blancpain's big selling point is the so-called "low volume production", a single watchman dealing with a single work, polished effort, the same entry price is also high. Choose a watch there is an important point of view, is the brand heritage and culture. Jaeger-LeCoultre history of some of the more continuity, although the group is the brand (Jaeger-LeCou is now a calendar), but there is a complete history and continue to invest, continue to create the status of today. Blancpain is an ancient brand plus FP movement (Blancpain's movement factory formerly known as FP), SWATCH Group purchased the FP movement factory only to let Blancpain realize "self-produced movement". The Blancpain brand itself, because only committed to the production of mechanical watches, so the impact of the quartz watch in the Swiss watch industry when it disappeared. Although it looks a long history, but nearly a hundred years is completely no works. It can be said that there is no SWATCH Group is now the Blancpain, like a decline nobles were rescued by businessmen, only to regain the manufacturer's name. His family is more famous should be the main reason to go when the invention of the card Russell, the production is simple, the price of the people, but no Tourbillon complex, but also do not see the rapid rotation of beauty. In the more mature markets such as Hong Kong, between the two brands certainly choose Jaeger-LeCoultre. Watch belt watch what brand is good? Belt watch, because the soft, docile, comfortable, stylish. Loved by the people. But the belt watch a lot of brands, people pick up dazzled. Then watch the watch what brand is good? The following watch home to come for everyone to introduce it! Watch belt watch what brand is good? Longines Longines was founded in 1832 in Saint-Imier, Switzerland. This watch family has a unique set of traditional, elegant and performance in a unique proprietary technology. As a world championship timer and the International Federation of partners, Longines brand not only has a long and bright history, but also its elegant watches and clocks world-renowned. Tissot For Tissot, "time, as you control" is not just an ad word. It passed the Tissot brand of DNA, Tissot has been committed to cutting-edge technology and fashion design in the perfect combination of watches and clocks. Since 1853, Tissot has been based on traditional innovation, has now grown into the world's first sales of the traditional Swiss watch brand, one of the Swiss mid-range watches. Omega In 1848, Omega was born in the Swiss Confederation. Longines using mechanized production, uniform specifications of the parts, and the introduction of new division of labor system assembly work, fitted with precision and accurate, high quality and reasonable price of watches. World-famous Omega 19 movement in 1894 after the launch, not only become its excellent logo, the company also named "Omega". Since then, Omega with its advanced watchmaking technology, a watch industry pioneer for 150 years.


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