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blog details: Jade Leaf Pendant What is the meaning of wearing an emerald leaf pendant on behalf of Jade leaves pendant is a common kind of jade jewelry, although the leaves are naturally seen things in nature, but it is evergreen spirit and full of vitality and vitality of the atmosphere to become jade carving creators in the eyes of the creation of good themes. After the ingenious way of carving creators, symbolizing the life, hope, youth, peace, friendship, the only and love of the leaves of life, show the emerald moisten but also for the love of jade rendering the vivid and new hope. So, what is the meaning of the emerald leaf pendant? What is the meaning of the emerald leaf pendant? Meaning a great cause of success In the Chinese characters "leaves" homophonic "industry" to describe the cause of success, step by step. Wearing emerald leaves, can shape the success of the steady image of the people, the performance of the atmosphere of heroic temperament. Is a positive attitude towards life, can play a role in inspiration and encouragement of life. In addition, "industry" with "leaves" and "live and work", described the family happiness, peace and prosperity. "Great cause has become", "live and work" are a good sign, good meaning, for the cause of family and life are very good. Meaning two, a hundred years together Leaves think of lotus leaf, "together" homophonic "Dutch", a hundred years together, meaning husband and wife forever and good, happy Cartier love bracelet replica long. Emerald lotus leaves, give the newlyweds, after all, the most intimate gift. And married for many years the couple, wearing emerald lotus leaf, not only proved that they love the long-term love than Jin Jian, you can also protect their future life more happy and happy. Meaning three, Bingqing Yujie This refers to the lotus out of the sludge and not dye, and more metaphor of high moral character, but also refers to the literati of the lofty aloof. Ye think of lotus leaf lotus, special emerald lotus leaf shape, coupled with the emerald clear and transparent, perfect interpretation of "ice clear" meaning. Wearing emerald lotus leaf, distributed infinite clear spirit elegant, noble and elegant temperament. Meaning four, golden branches of jade leaves Women wear emerald leaves, meaning gold branches of jade leaves. Since ancient times there will be princes will phase of the daughter is "Jinzhiyuye", which not only the performance of its noble identity, but also the meaning of its jade, such as the overall quality of the beautiful. Spread so far, "Jinzhiyuye" has long been detached from its original narrow range, become noble, beautiful, wisdom of the female pronoun. So emerald leaves are popular, especially men. The face of wearing jade leaves of women, they show fresh and delicate, elegant, beautiful and charming style, who can not bow down in the pomegranate skirt? Meaning five, flowers scattered leaves Lush foliage, meaning the descendants of prosperity. Chinese people are like children and grandchildren, many more blessed, enjoyable Wearing emerald leaves, meaning open branches scattered leaves, descendants million generation, blood and spirit can be forever inherited. For newlyweds, emerald leaves are considered one of the best gifts. For those who eager to seek children, emerald leaves can also bring good luck for them. Meaning six, overnight fame If the leaves and Ming cichen clever combination Cartier love ring replica of leaves and Ming with, "Ye" homophonic "night", "Ming" homophonic "name", meaning the short term on the fame, gives hope and motivation. Similar to the leaves and monkeys, bats and other combinations, which "monkey" homophonic "Hou", meaning "overnight seal Hou"; "bat" homophonic "blessing", meaning "blessing overnight." Wearing a jade leaf pendant on behalf of the meaning The West has a famous saying: "the world does not exist exactly the same two leaves", this sentence fully reflects the leaves of colorful characteristics of different shapes. It is also because of the unique nature of the leaves, making the jade carvings in the creation of jade leaves when there are more can play the direction of the carving out more fashionable and unique and charming jade leaves. Emerald leaf pendant The origin of this shape has been a long history, after thousands of years of time, people love jade pendant is still the same, this and the emerald leaves beautiful and beautiful shape and auspicious meaning inseparable. Jade leaves, in the subject of jade carving is very common. Girls wear more, the meaning is Jinzhi Yu Ye, on behalf of the girl noble, beautiful, wisdom. A symbol of life, hope, honor, success and other significance, is the traditional Chinese culture in the positive meaning of the collection. Boys also wear, "leaves" homophonic "industry", it is "great cause" meaning. Describe a person's career success, can step by step. What are the emerald pendant identification methods? A. color identification method: According to the color of jade is the most commonly used method, is also a very effective method. First of all to see whether the color of jade is pure, whether it is rich or to see whether the color of jade is uniform. In the identification of the time can use a flashlight (and if the condenser type of flashlight can be) to see whether the emerald contains impurities. The general color of the emerald, pure, uniform and impurity is very good jade, and some emerald color is red or purple, in this way to check the time to be more careful. B. Transparency: In addition to the use of condenser flashlight for identification, but also by observing the emerald transparency to identify the composition of jade, jade can be generally placed in the light, and often the emerald against the sun is relatively strong Direction to view, the general emerald transparency, the better the composition of the emerald the better the value of the higher. C. listen to sound identification method: Although many businesses do not want such a method of identification, but in the process of buying or in the deliberate situation is small, careful to attack the emerald, the general quality of the emerald Cartier nail bracelet replica knock out the sound is More crisp and sweet. D. observation Tsui and stone: the observation of the light when you can find the emerald inside is a flash of material, those who are emerald Tsui, and sometimes also presented in a group, the general two Things appear as little as possible. E. observe the cracks and dark spots: we all know that emerald is mined out of the ore, and some emerald will inevitably bring some cracks, and with a crack of the quality of jade to a few grades lower, and the market some of the emerald Is made of artificial processing, so when the inspection should be very careful whether the emerald contains cracks. But also pay attention to F. Emerald inside the oil containing black spots, the more these spots it means that the worse the quality of jade.


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