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A piece of jewelry is a legendary Cartier

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blog details: Founded in 1847 century jewelry brand Cartier, has been its unique royal tolerance and luxury art style engraved with the legend of the times, creating a lot of women across the era of demeanor. (Duchess of Windsor), Monaco Princess Grace Kelly (Grace Kelly), Mexican actress Maria Felix (Maria Felix) and the Hollywood star Elizabeth Taylor (Elizabeth Taylor), the most representative and interpretation of Cartier jewelry in the “legendary, noble, mysterious, power,” the four style characteristics. The most eye-catching Cartier legend new event First, the British prince wedding ceremony, the new princess Kate wearing a diamond crown is from the emperor’s jeweler Cartier, called “Halo”, produced in 1936, by the Duke of York And give it to Elizabeth as a daughter’s 18th birthday gift. The traditional marriage in the bride’s body to have “a little bit new, a little bit old, a little borrowed, a little blue.” That Kate follow the British wedding custom “Something Borrowed” practice, put on This is the top of the Queen from the Queen of the noble diamond crown, and Cartier began to write a new legend. The other side is the French Cannes red carpet just staged Fan Bingbing to crane loaded appearance, and with millions of Cartier jewelry, attracted a lot of attention. And Cartier this time the senior jewelry series also just invited Fan Bingbing to the brand “legend, noble, mysterious, power,” the four women’s style to re-fashion interpretation. Whether you like or do not like people, are undeniable Fan Bingbing’s beauty, and Fan Ye in the film and television experience of the ups and downs of the road and the hard work of hard to see, at least very worthy of Cartier jewelry style “legend” and “power” Characteristics.

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