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New product adoption Helene Georget and Cartier nail bracelet replica two international talented

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blog details: AIGLE Autumn and winter series in 2016 Enjoy natural interest is in the city of Paris Autumn/winter 2016, French renowned outdoor leisure brand AIGLE background for the city of Paris, for the modern city of cold season brings brand-new design and fashion, guide urban population enjoy natural interest is in the city. New product adoption Helene Georget and Cartier nail bracelet replica two international talented illustrators and graphic designer bold chic, restore ancient ways with unique national totem, subtle and geometric patterns, combined with the brand more than 160 professional clothing technology, a more integrated into the new fabric technology and breakthrough of the cutting way, create functional uncommon and novel and fashionable autumn winter outdoor fashion, no matter in the Paris of autumn rain or heavy snow in the winter can indulge feeling natural beauty, It 's wild out there, AIGLE accompany, enjoy the boring life every moment. Autumn outfit product, agile business sense As usual, AIGLE know urban travel demand, in order to meet autumn wind and rain of the climate and the temperature change, AIGLE autumn collection guarantee excellent functionality, designed to improve urban walk between the shuttle and agile feeling and spell able sense, detail place, provide stable is suitable for the depth of the earth business department and ocean color, also can choose low printing and case grain, light color of camel's hair, crimson red, such as indigo purple to adjust color sheet is tasted and boring sunken modelling. At the same time, choose GORE - TEX ® and MTD ®, technological fabrics such as to make wind rain coats the basis function of excellence; And inner matching the characteristics of fleece fabrics, not only feels good, also provides a complete warm protection. In accessories for men to prepare for a comfortable travel city Sneaker series and for ms elegant printing rubber series. Ultra thin coats, function with joker sheet is tasted Between seasons, Cartier love bracelet replica launched ultra thin coats, leading the new season will be the important item joker agitation. Balance of feather filling quantity and exquisite clipping design, to abandon the traditional and bloated feeling, the weight of the feather clothing but still retained a certain heat preservation heat preservation function; Its changeable fashion appearance is to ensure that the inner and outer fold wear do not fall convention, qiu dong season is one of the most features of joker sheet is tasted. Light and nimble and receive the characteristics of easy to carry is to let the ultra-thin AIGLE down jacket in many seasonal item stand out. Based rubber series in accessories, the color will be a good choice, dress up dreary autumn and winter, light up the beauty of life. Velvet touch down jacket, a new technology excellence AIGLE every season in addition to grasp keep brand to 160 garment process, but also actively expand clothing science and technology and innovative technology, and its organic ground should be shipped to new product design and production. AIGLE qiu dong proud velvet super warm coats, perfect solid quality feather filling quantity, ensure each down jacket has the best heat preservation function, and equipped with a hooded design, whether it is a long plush animal flash design or the lambs wool inside all of warm again down jacket increased functional excellence. Have more bright color to choose the surface layer of the fabric used in the original GORE - TEX ® fabrics of science and technology at the same time, enable the new Velvet fabrics of Touch technology, novel Velvet texture, will Touch, warm and stylish synchronous upgrade performance. In accessories, and fur design allows AIGLE best-selling money Miss Juliette rubber boots in the cold rain or blossom new charm in the environment. Classic coat, texture extraordinary new fashionable taste As the fashion world recognized experts "coat", this season AIGLE interpretation will continue to honor its classic coat series. Real horn button feeling restoring ancient ways, women's unique French banal tail design, selection of wool and the combination of the lambs wool inside, let city are not only don't have to worry about travel in the depths of bad natural environment, GengDing don't to often make different Chic & Smart fashion taste. replica Cartier love bracelet coat the front edge of the season and dramatic turn round collar design, is also a comprehensive innovation, improved design and try, believe that will bring special experience in and function. In accessories, it is suggested that equipped with a pair of very masculine handsome tooling boots, traveling city is the focus of attention. To outstanding achievements this season AIGLE clothing city are compatible with nature, make foreign and national character pattern and decorative pattern coat jacket, wind coats shirts and basic line unlined upper garment pants pattern, and became the best way to design. Throughout this season, the new Paisley Paisley pattern; Of Scotland case grain; Tata totems are proof of that, especially from France young designers and illustrators Helene Georget printing design, more let a person think of engaging, return true nature. And Italian design designer and illustrator, Claire Duport geometric patterns, inspired by the Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica Indian tribe totems, but full of modern urban elements and full of rich imagination, make the nationality of concise generous totem is adventurous the urban female characters become the bright spot of this season you'll never forget the modelling, and provide including wallet, shoulder bag, bag, scarf and so on the many kinds of fashionable city accessories for daily collocation.

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